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"Cassie never wants to come home she loves it with Jane and Neil so much, she has at least 3 visits each year and has had an extended stay of up to 7 weeks. She always looks so well and at the ripe old age of 18, knowing I am leaving her in safe hands is very reassuring .. thank you." .....Sarah of Onchan

"Miki has been holidaying at Heathlands at least three times a year for the last 17 years. I wouldn't consider having him stay anywhere else - I can go on holiday knowing that he is being loved and well cared for. I wouldn't go away if he couldn't stay at Heathlands. Thank you Jane and Neil for all your care, love and attention you give Miki. Kindest regards."

"Our 8 month old cat Milly has just stayed at Heathlands for three weeks and we can tell she enjoyed her stay. The cattery is beautiful and so clean and all the cats are so well looked after. Keep up the good work Jane & Neil. Next time we decide to go on holiday Milly will be coming to stay with you!" .....

"We always bring Fluffy to Heathlands. The cats always look happy and cared for, and the cattery always smells so clean!" .....
Steve F

"I would highly recommend using Heathlands Cattery - we have brought several generations of cats here and they never want to come home." .....
Dave and Jenny
"We left our two cats at Heathlands for six months while we went to Australia. When we came back they looked so healthy and happy and didn't want to come home. Jane and Neil obviously love cats and always give them lots of love and attention. Thank you." .....
Rachel Quirk

"I cannot say enough good things about this cattery and the people that run it. In my opinion, it is the best on the island." .....

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